Born in the Northern suburbs of Detroit, Michigan and now in the sun of Southwest Florida; my name is Julia Coin and I am a high schooler that still has an optimistic outlook on the world. I hope to develop a career in journalism and have always had an interest in the events of my local surroundings and the world as a whole. With that said, I really have no idea exactly what life holds for me, but a majority of it will be well-documented on this little speck inside the abyss that is the internet. As to not limit what this little blog can do (and because I could not settle on one genre), this page will explore everything from small adventures, fashion trends, current thoughts and obsessions (with a large emphasis on music) and everything in between. A hodgepodge of anything and everything, I hope you’ll stay and watch as both me and this page grow and the world remains ever-changing.

Contact information: juliamcoin@aol.com

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